The Charming and Quirky Retro Suites Hotel

Audrey Hepburn winks as you enter the unassuming storefront on King Street. 

And it’s not long before another piece of furniture catches your eye until you’re turning in circles and pulling out your camera.

It’s the best of both worlds.  On one hand, the Retro Suites Hotel offers the comfort, amenities and security of a hotel.  On the other hand, you’ll get the personality and charm that makes renting a place on Airbnb so appealing.

I’m a thrift store shopping, dumpster diving, flea-market Queen.  Or at least I thought I was until I got a glimpse of the second hand finds within The Retro Suites Hotel.

It’s an amazing maze of awesomeness, tempting visitors with goodies acquired from far and wide.

Each decorative piece makes its own resounding statement, and is yet able fit artfully into a theme.  It’s fun and funky, and a walk through the common area is reason enough to stop by if you’re in Chatham, Ontario.

34 Uniquely Themed Rooms

Boasting 34 rooms with 7 long term apartments, all decorated with a unique theme, there’s enough variety to give you exactly the type of vacation you’re looking for.  I spent my time in the Santa Fe room.

The first thing I notice is the carpet.  I sink into it and moving further into the room I feel as if the walls stretch on forever.  I’d recently spent a few days in Albuquerque and the theme took me on a return trip sooner than I’d expected!

A warming, desert-sun yellow covered the walls, while cactus and shrubs added touches of green.  Geometrical patterns finished the look adding Native flavors to the decor.

Other rooms have intriguing names such as Nantucket, King William, Midtown, Cowboy and Rendezvous.

The small details add tons of character to each themed space.  Items blend expertly and it’s exhilarating to think that the hotel owner creates these designs.  There’s something about the passion of an artist who does it for the love of art versus someone who’s doing it as a profession.

Fear is missing from the design.  The décor is risky; elements seem out of place, yet perfect.  Certain decorations make you stop and stare as they blend in and out of the design.  And if you see something you absolutely love, inquire about the price.  Everything is for sale.

Interested in seeing more?  Check out the Retro Suites Hotel website to book your stay.