Why The Rhino Will Go Extinct Without Your Help

Why The Rhino Will Go Extinct

Do you remember Captain Planet?

That show convinced me I could help save the world.

I remember watching the Planeteers chase poachers and smugglers around the planet hoping to save the Rhino from extinction.

Twenty years later, Rhinos are still being hunted to the brink of extinction.

The sad truth is that your grandchildren might never see a rhino.

The Extinction Of The Rhino

Each year, rhinos come closer to extinction.

Poachers are getting smarter and more organized and as rhinos become scarce, pursuit of their horns increases.

Many people believe that rhino horns have the power to cure illness and disease.  The horns have no scientifically proven medicinal purposes.  In fact, the horns are made of keratin – the same material as our hair and nails!

Due to miseducation and persistent demand, the price of horns has sky-rocketed to $65,000 each.

The demand is so high that baby rhinos and rhinos with shaven horns – a practice once used to protect rhinos – are now hunted for the bit of horn they offer.

In 2010, 333 rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa.  By 2014, the number had risen to over 1000 killed in a single year.  And this count doesn’t include rhino carcasses that were never found due to scavengers or natural decay.  To put things in perspective that equals one rhino killed every 7.5 hours!

At this current rate of poaching, rhinos will be extinct within the next 20 years.

Rhinos Without Borders seeks to change this trend.

How You Can Save The Rhino

Rhinos Without Borders is a joint effort between Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond to relocate rhinos to a safer location.

These conservation tourism companies specialize in raising awareness for the targeted species in Africa and providing travelers the opportunity to contribute to this cause.

Their goal is to raise enough money to transport up to 100 rhinos from South Africa to neighboring Botswana where poaching is nearly non-existent.  With the hefty price tag of $45,000 per animal, the effort is working with travel bloggers to help spread the world.

If this effort is successful, rhinos will be around for many years to come.

Here are simple and fun ways you can save the rhino:

Create awareness by sharing this article among your social media networks.

Click here to tweet a message about the rhinos.

Take safaris with companies that are committed to protecting these animals.

Donate at Travelers Building Change to save a rhino and for the chance to win one of the cool prizes below:

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As you can see, there are tons of awesome prizes for every type of traveler.

Twenty dollars gets you ten entries and the more you donate the more entries you’ll get!

Every single person who donates to this effort will be a winner.  Not only do you get a rhino’s weight in good travel karma, you’ll also get twelve frame-worthy photographs of rhinos.

The last day to enter is February 28.  Find out if you’ve won on World Wildlife Day, March 3rd, 2015!

JustOneRhino Sponsor Graphic

How fitting that I would watch Captain Planet as a child and grow up to continue caring about our planet and the creatures living on it.  Although Captain Planet was a kid’s cartoon, the show had a message for everyone.

With “our powers combined”, we can change the world.

Want a trip down memory lane?  Watch the rhino episode now.

I am super excited to contribute to the conservation tourism movement by going on safari during my upcoming trip to Kenya.  I look forward to sharing my own rhino pictures with you when I return.

To read more on Rhinos Without Borders’ plan to save the rhinos from extinction, check out this Green Travel Media interview of co-Founder Dereck Joubert.
Photo by Susan Portnoy.