Let’s Siesta! – Wait, It’s Not a Party?

Seville is a walk-able city and after getting lost numerous times incorrectly navigating the narrow cobblestone streets, I enjoyed my surroundings.

It took me longer to get used to siesta.

What Is Siesta

Siesta sounds like a fun time, and it does bring the city to a halt, but it isn’t a party like I first thought.

During siesta, which is roughly from 2-5pm, the locals take a short reprieve.  Even though my sister said that everything would shut down, I assumed that it was similar to American holidays – places closed, but food and entertainment locations would remain open.

It was hard for my brain to accept the fact that what I’m used to being the busiest time of day is opposite in Seville.

I learned the hard way that a late lunch was out of the question and that when restaurants reopened the selection was hardly what I would consider dinner worthy.


Seville Tapas

Why I Didn’t Like Tapas

After siesta, all I could find to eat were tapas.

Tapas are miniature appetizers.  These dishes are popular among some foodies, but my Southern appetite was less than enthused.  Even those bitter Seville oranges littering the streets began to look tasty.

To make matters worse, it seemed like I always got hungry during siesta.  We’d wrap up exploring, eager to find lunch when we’d notice stores shutting down.  I didn’t even start thinking of lunch until 1pm and my internal clock wouldn’t adjust.

Realizing that tapas were my main option after starving for hours sucked big time!

Why Siesta Is A Great Idea

I can see the positives of siesta since I’m no longer counting the minutes for the restaurants to reopen:

  •  Nap time – although I hate to nap while on vacation.  It also gives me time to reflect and write in my travel journal.
  • It helps prevent burnout.  If you’ve been running around from attraction to attraction, during siesta you’re forced to take a break.
  • Rest gives you more energy to enjoy the night life.  The city comes alive in a huge way at night.
  • More time for families to get together and prepare for lunch.
  • Less time in the hot afternoon sun.
  • Relaxation from a busy morning at work or school.  America, feel free to take note!

As a tip for others with a healthy appetite– carry a snack.  Your tummy will thank me for it!

Any siesta lovers out there?  How do you pass the time?