Seven Cool Ways to Distinguish Your Luggage


Distinguish Your Luggage

I was next in line to board the hotel shuttle when I heard my name over the loudspeaker.

“Michaela Hall, please return to baggage claim.”

Glancing at my suitcase, I noticed scuffs that hadn’t been there before the flight. A knot of dread formed in the pit of my stomach and I cautiously unzipped the front compartment of the suitcase.  It wasn’t mine!

My sheepish entrance back into the terminal to return the luggage didn’t go without punishment.

I tried to make small talk with the victim; she coolly brushed me off.  And as I made my way back to the end of the shuttle line, I vowed that I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Here are six cool ways to distinguish your luggage so you don’t make my mistake:

 Cool Ways To

Distinguish Your Luggage


Luggage Tags to Distinguish Your Luggage

These are my first line of defense to prevent mistaken luggage identity.  Designed to display contact information, luggage tags are an inexpensive identifier.

One of the major issues with luggage tags is finding tags that are durable and that will stay secured to your luggage.

Try this set of fun and functional luggage tags with cute sayings like “Caution: Hands Off” and “Excuse Me, Do I Know You”.

This set offers enough tags to put one on each piece of your luggage and your personal item.

Duct Tape to Distinguish Your Luggage


Duct tape has come a long way from the gray that I remember.  Grab a roll of colored tape and add a few vertical strips to your luggage.  Alternatively, you could roll the suitcase handle in colored tape.

For those wanting an extra layer of security, wrap the duct tape around your luggage a few times to secure it before leaving it with bag check.

A break in the tape will let you know that your luggage was opened even if you don’t get a note from TSA!

Remember to pack a pair of scissors in your checked bags to cut the tape and pack more tape for the return trip home.

Colorful Handle Covers to Distinguish Luggage


Check out these bright luggage handle coversYou’ll notice your luggage from a mile away!

Not only will you have an easier time identifying your luggage, but these handles make it easier to pull your luggage through the airport all day. The velcro that keeps the luggage handle secured doubles as padding for your hand. Win-win.

They are so durable that you can even throw them in the wash when they need a cleaning.

Applique to Distinguish Luggage


Iron-on appliqués are a fun way to add distinguishing features to your luggage.

Find these patches at a local craft store or shop online. You’ll be surprised at the level of personalization you can achieve with rhinestone initials or X-men logos.

To secure the hold, I recommend adding another layer of adhesive around the edges, like a strong craft’s glue.

Ribbon to Distinguish Your Luggage


Ribbons are more than a childhood hair accessory. They also double as an inexpensive way to distinguish your luggage.

Braid or knot a few ribbons on your luggage for an easy way to tell your bags apart.  Brightly colored zip ties, shoe strings, scrunchies, scarves and key chains also work to separate your items from the luggage river that comes out of baggage check.

Keep spares in your luggage in case your ribbons are torn during your trip.

Spray Paint to Distinguish Your Luggage


Although you could just blast a few sprays of paint to your luggage, your artsy side has a better idea.

Pick up a stencil at any craft store and use spray paint to decorate your bag with your initials or unique shape.  Regular paint also works.

If you’re talented with the paint brush, you can avoid the stencil altogether.

For a long lasting design, cover your finished design with a clear gloss.

Luggage Stickers to Distinguish Your Luggage


Fabric luggage practically killed the trend of marking your travel history using stickers.  With the boom of plastic suitcases, this cool travel statement is on the rebound.

You can also use cutouts of your favorite quotes or characters.  Cover your decorations with a thin layer of craft’s glue to prevent damage to your design.

Additional Tip:  Place contact and final destination information inside your luggage.  If it is accidentally taken or misplaced, this information helps make sure your luggage reaches you.

Have you accidentally taken someone’s luggage or am I the only one? Confess below!

  • BreAnna Phillips

    can you also put stickers on your carry-on luggage? First time flyer

    • Hey BreAnna! Wow, the first flight! That’s exciting. 🙂 Yes, you can put stickers on certain luggage with a flat surface like plastic or leather. A fun idea is adding stickers from each place you visit. It would be a fun way to remember your adventures. Luggage with textured surfaces won’t hold stickers as well and the stickers will fall off. Enjoy your trip!

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  • becki carssacs

    Anyone know a way to attach bumper stickers onto a fabric suitcase? I have stickers from many places I’ve vacationed and I don’t know what to do with them.

    • Hey Becki! Fabric suitcases don’t hold regular stickers well and they tend to fall off.

      To showcase your stickers, how about adding them to a shadowbox or picture frame with other travel mementos like foreign currency or travel brochures? You could hang them around your home as a reminder of your travels. Alternatively, if you have enough stickers, you could possibly create a collage for a decorative accent wall in your home.

      Another idea: create a scrapbook or photo album of your travels that includes your stickers. I’d place this book on the coffee table or kitchen island as a conversation piece for guests! Stickers, postcards, and all types of souvenir items could be kept in one place for sharing, instead of hidden in a drawer or box!

  • I like stickers a lot, useful, and really cute! Now I have patterned luggage that I rarely see others with. 

    • Patterned luggage! I’ve seen some really cool designs, lately. Maybe luggage makers are getting a clue. It’s embarrassing grabbing the wrong luggage. LOL.

  • Very useful information XD I do tie ribbons on my luggage, while my cousin put stickers on hers. I also got a bright neon green luggage so no one would dare to take it =) (color matters)

    • Neon green! 😀 That sounds soooo pretty. I don’t believe that I’ve seen that color luggage ever. I bet that you have NO problems spotting your luggage!

      • Jenna Gill

        I need to find plaid…. Only ONE person I saw with that!

        • LOL! I think you’re on to something. Plaid would definitely stand out!

    • Jenna Gill

      Went on a cruise to Bahamas last week…. There were at least 14 neon green cases, and 9 orange!!!!! …. Everybody had the same idea…. *chuckle*