South Africa: The Bucket List Crusher

Large View of Fear Crushing Bungee JumpSouth Africa was a fear crushing trip.

I’m not an adrenaline junkie; instead, I am a fear conqueror with the goal of strangling the fear out of my life.

The more you challenge and defeat fear, the more powerful you become, the more eager you are to enjoy life and the clearer the voice within becomes.

Fear can scream louder than aspiration.

Let fear yell, while you keep doing scary things, and fear will quiet until it is nothing but a whisper you can shoo away.

Michaela 1 – Fear 0

In the months before this trip, the news of the Ebola virus ravaged American television spreading fear and ignorance, and prompting concern for my wellbeing.  Ebola is a terrible sickness that has claimed thousands of lives, and to travel without concern of it is foolish. But, to allow fear to cloud rational thinking is worse.

By boarding the plane in the face of the hysteria around me, I started a journey that left me feeling like Superwoman.

Michaela 2 – Fear 0

After the lion cub gnawed holes in my shirt sleeve, someone commented that I must have been a zebra in my past life.


As well behaved as those kittens were with everyone else, one particular cub kept nipping at my arm. This comes an hour after I was growled at during my Cheetah interaction.

On several occasions I questioned the legitimacy of claiming to have a controlled environment of wild animals.

Michaela 3 – Fear 0

You can rationalize all you want. When it comes to taking the plunge, you have to just say what the hell and go for it.

Bungee jumping had always been on my bucket list and I thought that jumping would prove my ability to conquer anything.

Instead, it has increased my desire to do more. I need to keep pushing at fear, loosening its grips on my life and putting myself into the driver’s seat.

Michaela 4 – Fear 0

The sharks you see while shark cage diving are nothing like those monsters in Jaws.

These sharks are smart, and as soon as they realize there is no real chance for food, they swim away as stealthily as they arrived.  It was thrilling to put on a wetsuit, climb into freezing water and see these huge fish up close.

The scariest part was the shark bait goo they poured into the water and that seeped into your pores.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen

When I first started challenging my fears, I would ask myself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Now, that my endeavors have reached bucket list level, that question doesn’t work so much. The answer might very well be death.
Now, I ask, what should the next chapter in my book say? Will someone devour my book, or would it collect dust on a shelf?

I want my book to be a bestseller.

One that people read over and over. I want to be a SHEro, an unstoppable motivator.

So, I laugh and flirt with fear, and invite it to challenge me. And each time I emerge triumphant, my story is bumped higher on the bestseller list.

You are the author of your life story.

What adventures will you fill your pages with?