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How to Lose Your Travel Virginity in 30 Days
How to Lose your Travel Virginity in 30 Days

If you’ve ever stalked the social media pages of world travelers but can’t figure out how they do it, this book is for you. I will teach you how to go from being a repressed travel virgin to a free-flying travel superstar.This book gives you an easy method to jumpstart your travels by doing one simple action every day. Inside, you’ll find stories of my journey and learn how to:

  • A guaranteed system to create more travel opportunities,
  • Tools and tricks to find the cheapest flights across the web,
  • Direct access to frequent traveler networks,
  • Insight into how average people are making more money to travel,
  • The confidence needed to get out and explore our world,
  • And much more!

All it takes is thirty days to transform your life.

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How To Survive The Washington, DC Metro

How to Survive the Washington DC Metro: A Traveler’s Guide

With firsthand knowledge compiled by a DC resident, you’ll have more confidence and less stress during your travels around the Washington, DC metro area.Inside, you’ll find detailed guidance on how to use the Metro, specifics on train and station layout, and useful advice to troubleshoot issues.



How to Survive Your First Cruise

How to Survive Your First Cruise: A Traveler’s Guide

“How To Survive Your First Cruise: A Traveler’s Guide” provides future cruisers with tips and tricks for their first-time at sea.Supplemented with anecdotes from several cruises, this guide offers a lively account of cruising anecdotes and advice to help you plan your first cruise from start to finish such as: how to keep costs down, what to pack and why you should plan a post-cruise vacation.