Planning Your Road Trip

The Exhaustive Guide to Planning Your Next Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like the open road! It’s tempting to just get in the car and hit the highway, but road-trips are a significant investment of time and energy, and planning can ensure you recoup that investment. Adequate preparation can also help maintain a positive state of mind, so you can soak in the experiences and roll with the punches....Read More

Holiday Travel Blitz: Lessons Learned

I’m pleased to report that I’ve completed my Holiday Travel Blitz successfully, and was able to spend Christmas with plenty of family. For this trip, I traveled four hours every day for four days. I left Washington, DC and drove down to Virginia Beach, VA where I joined my family for a winter wedding vow renewal.  The next day, I...Read More

Around-the-waycations: Five Reasons to Plan Your Road Trip Today

Let’s face it.  While around-the-world cruises are a traveler's dream, they just don’t fit into our budgets.  Our travel planning focuses on getting the best vacation experience for the least amount of money. Road trips or around-the-waycations, as I refer to them, provide just the right amount of adventure with a price affordable enough to travel often.  One step up from...Read More