What Does It Take To Make Your Dream Vacation A Reality | We all have that one destination that we’ve always dreamed of visiting. The big question is how can you make your dream vacation a reality? via @aweinclusive

What Does It Take to Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality?

We all have that one destination that we’ve always dreamed of visiting. Whether your dream vacation spot is Fiji, The Seychelles, or Bali, it doesn’t matter. It’s not where you want to go that’s important, it’s taking the steps to turn your dream into a reality. The question is, how do you go about doing that? When it comes to...Read More
Use Recreation.gov to plan your trip

Need Trip Planning Help? Use Recreation.gov

As part of President Obama's executive order to significantly increase travel and tourism in and to the United States,  the Administration launched a newly revamped Recreation.gov web portal.  Recreation.gov is envisioned as the premier online tourism tool for exploring America and as a trip planning tool for international visitors.   If You Build It Recreation.gov, also known as Recreation One...Read More

What I Would Have Said To Myself Five Years Ago

Five years ago, I wish that I would have known how easy and detrimental it is to push off your dreams while you plan for your future. [caption id="attachment_3348" align="aligncenter" width="569"] Travel When You Retire photo by Kteague[/caption] What I Was Taught I spent so much time worried about following the path that was drilled into me as a child:...Read More

Why This Travel Planner Shunned Travel Plans

I took a look at our New York itinerary and felt exhausted.  Has this ever happened to you? We'd stuffed a week's worth of activities into four days.  Days started early and nights never ended.  I called my travel buddy to rethink our travel plans. We cut our list of must-dos by 2/3. Besides visiting a major attraction each day, we decided to un-plan our days...Read More

How I Stumbled into Travel Planning

I’m currently in the planning phase of my New York trip and I’ve had a stunning realization. I’m not just planning the average trip for myself; I’m actually a travel agent – responsible for the travel enjoyment of my entire party of five (and growing)! Maybe taking responsibility for everyone’s travel enjoyment is an overstatement, but I sorta feel like it’s true....Read More