Why Montana’s Rapids Hold The Keys to Life | TTT #80

  My heart raced as our raft descended upon the crashing rapids. I gripped the paddle struggling to stay in sync with the others. Waves pummeled the raft, freezing water splashing us with every bump. By the end of those rapids, I was cold, tired, and absolutely ready for the next set! As we battled Read More

What Is Your Reason To Travel? | TTT #79

There are times when we are tempted to keep up. Like when our facebook feed is full of travel photos and Whatsapp chats are full of discount fares. It’s in those times that you have to remember why you travel. Never allow your travel to be a sprint from destination to destination without any purpose. Read More

Why The Media Needs To Take A Flight TTT #64

Am I the only one tired of the uninformed, apathetic, fear mongering media? Everyone working in media should be required to have at least seven passport stamps.  And throw in that they must have at least five friends living in other countries. Can you imagine how differently news stories on Ebola would sound if anchors had Read More

Are You Comfortable, Yet? TTT #52

Are You Comfortable Yet? I hope not. The thing about growing is that it comes with aches and pains.  You want those. In this world of smartphone overuse, something that terrifies and totally grips your thoughts, reminds us that we’re alive. If your travel experiences aren’t inspiring apprehension and uncertainty, switch it up. Travel solo. Read More