How to Lose Your Travel Virginity

How to Lose Your Travel Virginity in 30 Days

Excerpt from my newest book, How to Lose Your Travel Virginity in 30 Days. I never imagined when I flew overseas for the first time that travel would become a lifestyle, and not a life event. My kid brother was stationed 4,100 miles away in Bamberg, Germany, and I excitedly boarded a plane to see him after two years. I admittedly...Read More

How To Lose Your Travel Virginity

My name is Michaela and I'm a travel addict.  Some think addict is a dirty word. Not me.  I love to travel and I think about it all the time.  I've even accepted the fact that I work to fund my travel addiction.  Lately, traveling had lost its edge.  That is until I helped someone lose their travel virginity. Some think...Read More