How to Visit Washington D.C. on the Cheap

How To Visit Washington DC For Cheap

Photo by KaiG via The sticker price of a visit to Washington, D.C. might shock you. After planning for lodging, transportation, and activities, you may decide to scratch this city from your wish list, but hold off until you finish this article. Here are some tips and tricks to visit Washington, D.C. on the cheap. Lodging The best tip...Read More

Tips on Visiting Washington, DC – Inauguration Edition

The election is over, and whether you celebrated or drowned your sorrows, the champagne is gone and it's time to plan for inauguration. [caption id="attachment_4350" align="alignright" width="274"] Sea of Onlookers photo by Boss Tweed[/caption] LODGING Hotels in DC are expensive and many will require a minimum stay.  Book a room on the outskirts of the city to get the best...Read More

Washington, DC: THE City for Solo Travelers

This is a guest post by Cat Whitteker of SoLO Tr@vels DC.  Traveling Solo The best thing about being a solo traveler living in a big city is there is so much to explore by yourself.  I love to travel and lately have been thinking about traveling around the country by myself. This year is my first MAJOR solo trip;...Read More
How To Survive The Washington, DC Metro

How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System: A Traveler’s Guide

Washington, DC welcomes nearly 20 million visitors annually.  The DC Metro system is the easiest way to explore the city.  But with 760,000 passengers daily, things can get hectic! "How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System: A Traveler's Guide" gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the DC Metro system. Written from my experience as a local, this guide offers...Read More