It's impossible to see everything America has to offer before you die, so here are the best of the best destinations to add to your USA bucket list.

USA Bucket List: The Best Of America

America is a huge country with so many cultures in several different states. Texas is the same size as most of Europe, so you’re guaranteed to see a variety of sites, traditions, and cultures in that state alone. Whether you’re a citizen or a visitor, you won't get to see everything the land of the free has to offer before...Read More
Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Three Free Festivals in Washington DC to Put on Your To-Do List

In a city as diverse as Washington, D.C., our favorite festivals introduce locals and visitors alike to the various cultures in our world. Not only do these events offer amazing entertainment, but they are also educational and enlightening. The best events to get your dose of culture include the Folklife Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, and Passport DC. For those visiting D.C....Read More
Hotels Near DC Metros

A Quick Guide to the Best DC Hotels Near Metros

If you’re visiting Washington, DC, skip the rental car and take the Metro. This public train system is easy to understand, near major attractions, and less expensive than parking and gas. Book a DC hotel near a Metro station for the smartest way to travel the city. Washington Marriott at Metro Center Located near the transfer point for the red,...Read More
How to Visit Washington D.C. on the Cheap

How To Visit Washington DC For Cheap

Photo by KaiG via The sticker price of a visit to Washington, D.C. might shock you. After planning for lodging, transportation, and activities, you may decide to scratch this city from your wish list, but hold off until you finish this article. Here are some tips and tricks to visit Washington, D.C. on the cheap. Lodging The best tip...Read More
Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell Them Apart

Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell Them Apart

When I travel, I do my best to fit in with locals. Of course it doesn't always work. Locals have a knack for figuring out who's a tourist. Here are the most popular DC tourists and how locals can tell them apart. Eight DC Tourists And How Locals Tell You Apart The Chipper Tourist Do you hear that?  It’s the...Read More
How To Survive The Washington, DC Metro

How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System: A Traveler’s Guide

Washington, DC welcomes nearly 20 million visitors annually.  The DC Metro system is the easiest way to explore the city.  But with 760,000 passengers daily, things can get hectic! "How To Survive the Washington, DC Metro System: A Traveler's Guide" gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the DC Metro system. Written from my experience as a local, this guide offers...Read More