The Making of a Budget Traveler

Personal Credit Card Travel Restriction – photo by 401 (K) 2012

I habitually used credit to fund my travels.  It allowed me to be spontaneous, procrastinate on travel arrangements, and hop across state lines and oceans at a moments notice.

While I never had a problem repaying the bill, I started paying attention to this pesky thing called interest.  The credit I used to fund my vacations earned enough interest yearly to fund a vacation for my creditor!

It was eye opening.


A Personal Challenge

So I’ve put myself on a personal challenge to only travel on cash or charity.

It’s an internal battle.  One side urges me to live in the moment and the other side reminds me to prepare for my future.  As I find a balance, I’ll remain mindful that while money is only a tool – it should be used wisely.

I’m expecting lots of resident tourist adventures, weekend rendezvous, and discount flights in my future.


Ways To Save For Travel

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Happy Travels!