The Secret to Keep Souvenirs From Becoming Junk

I agree with Surfing Pizza that souvenir shops provide previously unimagined ways to burn money.

Companies think stamping a city’s name on something makes it a souvenir!

Don’t get stuck with a junk drawer full of stuff.  Here are a few questions to consider when picking souvenirs and  I promise, they won’t take the fun out of souvenir shopping!


What Am I Gonna Do With This?

Unless you have a display case full of animal parts, leave the dried crocodile’s head on the shelf!

Pick something you will actually use.  Clothing and accessories are a useful way to accent your wardrobe and remember your trip.

Home decor items also work well.  I purchased a lamp in Spain and didn’t use it for months because I needed an electrical outlet converter!

Now that it’s working, it fits perfectly with my room’s decor and adds a unique touch.

Where Will I Display This?

I bet magnets are popular souvenirs because the fridge is an automatic storage space!  Having a place to showcase your souvenir, ensures it won’t end up hidden away.

I collect shot glasses on every trip and display them on a kitchen shelf.  They make for great conversation starters.

Without a place to display your souvenirs, they end up tossed aside or worse – the junk drawer.

Will This Fit a Theme?

Even if you buy different types of items, the collection will look great if you stick to a theme.

My bathroom is a beach-themed souvenir showcase.  I have a starfish from Nassau, a Captain’s hat from a cruise, a turtle carving from Key West and a sign from Florida letting folks know ‘clothing is optional’.

Using souvenirs to decorate put travel memories to good use.

Consider these tips when buying souvenirs for others; and don’t forget to take lots of pictures and save brochures and receipts for your travel journal.

Any other tips for souvenir shoppers?