The Truth About The Travels Of The Tortoise And The Hare

After a heated discussion over who had the most passport stamps (get your “I Have More Passport Stamps Than You” shirt here), the Tortoise and the Hare decided to race to travel the entire world.

And off they went on their quest for world domination.

Strategies of The Tortoise and The Hare

Hare set off in a frenzy, checklist in one hand and an energy drink in the other.

He scheduled long layovers and day tours, hopping across borders as quickly as possible.  It tickled him pink that street food was so widely available and perfect for walking and eating.

Tortoise took her time, exploring her own country before traveling to foreign destinations.

She spent a few weeks in each location  absorbing the culture and interacting with locals.  And she journaled her travel memories instead of purchasing costly souvenirs.

Before long, Hare became exhausted.  His checklist was tattered and his brain frazzled.  He’d forgotten where he’d been and where he was going.  Somewhere in Thailand, he checked into a hostel and fell into a travel-induced coma.

When Hare awoke, he grabbed his phone and opened Facebook (like everyone with a smartphone).  At the top of his page, he saw a post from Tortoise celebrating her travels to every country in the world.

Hare could do nothing, but comment, “Congrats.”

Large View The Tortoise and The Hare

Once upon a time, I felt travelers anxiety.

The feeling that I didn’t have much time and needed to rush to visit all the places on my bucket list.  It’s a valid concern, yet nonsensical.

Of course, I want to see everything, but the things I haven’t seen fuel my wanderlust.  Without it, many of us would lack the motivation to constantly challenge the status quo and make ourselves uncomfortable enough to have  worthwhile travel experiences.

Lessons From The Tortoise and The Hare

Besides confirming that Facebook is the go-to place for news and information, the story teaches us how to approach travel.

  • Comparisons are dumb – unless they motivate you to travel the world.

Most other outcomes are negative and bad for self-esteem.  The only person you should compare yourself to is your former self.  Are you better than the old you?  Great!  Let’s keep moving.

  • If you can’t be fast and steady, slow and steady is the next best thing.  There are times when I look through my photos and find pictures of events that I’d forgotten about.

We passed through these places so quickly they barely left an imprint in my photo memory.  Unless you’re a Buddhist with a revolving door to our world – you should slow down and enjoy each moment.

  • If you’re planning to travel the world, take naps in between countries.  Poor Hare thought that his travel life would subsist on red eyes and energy drinks.

This type of travel is okay sometimes, but make it a habit and you may experience travel burn-out.

  • When things don’t go as planned – and sometimes they won’t – don’t despair.

Celebrate the attractions you were able to visit or the photos you captured.  Use any unchecked boxes on the to-do list as a reason to revisit that place.

In Conclusion

I almost forgot to tell you.

When Tortoise saw Hare’s comment on her Facebook page, she called to tell him about people she’d met while traveling.  They were part of this awesome travel group called the Nomadness Travel Tribe.  Tortoise had joined and she added Hare.

The duo continues to travel the globe, and now with a treasure trove of new friends.

Who do you relate more to, Tortoise or Hare?  BTW, everyone’s a winner in my book!