Tokyo’s Fun Souvenirs Located in Places You Must Visit Anyway

Tokyo Souvenirs

Tokyo isn’t only a cool place to visit, it is also a place that you’ll want to take back home.

Lucky for you, the coolest souvenirs are located in places that should already be on your to-do list while you’re in the city.

Check out these intriguing souvenir ideas that will lead you to the most awesome areas in Tokyo!

Fruit-Shaped Treats in the Basement Levels of Malls

Located on the bottom level of major department stores is a trove of exciting food items that make great gifts. These basement food halls, called depachika, are full of various stalls of beautiful and creative food items.

This culture takes incredible care in the creation and packaging of these gifts. Look for fruit- and cake-shaped candies packaged for sharing and giving.

The Seibu Department Store in the town of Shubuya is a popular shopping center near the metro.

Adult Novelties Decorated with Teddy Bears in Shibuya

If you enjoy searching for a good bargain, you’ll eventually find your way to the Shibuya Shopping District. Find storefronts for your favorite brands, uncommon boutique shops, and hidden thrift stores.

Condomania is a small shop that holds big fun for adults wanting an item to share with close friends.

Find adult novelty items decorated in fun caricatures like flowers, teddy bears, and smiley faces.

Authentic Japanese Souvenirs Near Senjosi Temple

Located in the busy Asakusa district of Tokyo is Sensoji Temple, a colorful and popular Buddhist shrine.

In the same area, guests will find exciting rows of stalls filled with foods and souvenirs. For a useful souvenir that won’t end up in a junk drawer, buy something you can wear or add to your home’s decor.

I suggest a kimono, a traditional Japanese garment that comes in limitless styles. Decor, such as swords and tea sets, are fun souvenirs that also act as a discussion piece in your home.

Japanese Comic Book Store in Ikebukuru

Ikebukuru is the famous entertainment district in Tokyo.

You’ll be in awe of the crowd that gathers here on the weekends.

Nestled among these streets is Animate, a comic book store filled with Japanese merchandise catering to anime. Browse eight floors of goodies ranging from candy to magazines to games.

Most of the comics are written in Japanese and will make a fun addition to your comic collection or coffee table.

Unique Flavors of Common Snacks at the Airport

Don’t forget to spend time shopping at the airport. There you’ll find some of the most interesting souvenirs to spend the rest of your Yen on. I was most excited about the flavored KitKats found in the duty-free stores.

These KitKat flavors include Green Tea, Blueberries and Cream, and Cherry Blossom. They make super-neat gifts for friends and family.

Like so many places, one visit to Tokyo won’t be enough to do or see everything.

If you make sure to grab one of these souvenirs before leaving, it will serve as a reminder to plan your next trip to Japan’s capital city!

Photo by Lily A. via