All The Reasons Why You Should Travel Around The World! Like, Now.

All The Reasons Why You Should Travel Around The World! Like, Now. | If you've never traveled abroad, you might wonder what the big fuss is about. Here are all the reasons why traveling around the world is oh so good for you. via @aweinclusive

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If you’ve never traveled out of the country, you might wonder what the big fuss is about. And you’re not the only one.

There are still tons of people who don’t have passports and who have never crossed a border.

Is travel is a super overrated hobby or are you missing out on something incredible?

The best way to find out what you’re missing is to grab a passport and take a flight. The next best way is to read this article.

Here are all the reasons why traveling around the world is oh so good for you.

Traveling helps you to discover yourself.

Ever questioned who you are and why you’re here?

While some people say we have all been put on this earth for a reason, and others believe we’re just living cells – you will get the opportunity to figure it out for yourself.

It may happen from seeing something, doing something, or even helping something or someone in need, only to realize who you really are as a person and what you really need out of life.

Traveling isn’t as hard as you think it is.

One reason people get nervous to start traveling is that they think it’s going to be so difficult, but it shouldn’t be at all. Create a travel vision board and plan out the steps to reach your goal. By creating smaller action items and accomplishing them one by one, you can conquer anything you set your mind to.

Whether you plan to spend a few years away, or just a couple of days, it’s important to see what the world has to offer. There are plenty of sites like to help you create a budget and piece together your ideal route if you feel unable to do it yourself.

Traveling lets you create meaningful relationships.

You will cross paths with a lot of people on the road, and the relationships you make with them will mean a lot more than the 1378 friends you have on Facebook. Everyone has their own story, and while writing yours you’ll meet others who will give you a glimpse into their chapters.

Traveling opens up your mind.

Going around the world, seeing how others live, and understanding how our lives can be completely different to one another’s opens up your mind. Not only will you realize that much of what you see on television is inaccurate, but you’ll also challenge your own stereotypes and biases.

You’ll find yourself being more compassionate, humble and generally just a better human. And who doesn’t want that?

Traveling is food for thought.

You won’t realize how many different flavors exist in this world until you go traveling. 

You can learn about the food, the culture, and all the crazy delicacies while visiting the best restaurants in the world. shows you the best Mexican restaurants in the US for example. Sampling different foods before you leave for your trip is the perfect way to start easing yourself (and your taste buds) into a new cuisine.

Traveling develops skills you didn’t know you had.

Sometimes it’s only far from your hometown, in a brand new environment that you discover a skill you never knew you had.

It could be cooking, or writing, or selflessness or even leadership skills. Even something like going on a hike with locals, and feeling exhausted like you can’t take another step, but reaching the top of the mountain just in time to watch the sun set. You did it. You pushed yourself and have the amazing memories as souvenirs.

Traveling means adventure.

White water rafting down the rough rivers in the South of France, navigating your way through the street mazes in Venice, getting the best deals on the markets in Marrakech, zip lining through the jungle canopy in Peru, exploring the colorful coral oceans in Australia, and finishing the day with a refreshing glass of mojito.

What more do you want? Like, really?

Traveling helps you learn new languages.

There’s something very special about the moment you are able to have a conversation with a local, in their language. It doesn’t matter if it was only a few words – you understood each other!

That moment when you are about to say “Do you speak English?” And instead, you replace it with “Oui ca va merci, est-ce que je peux avoir un demi s’il vous plaît?” – That’s a moment you’ll never forget. Even if you did only ask for a beer.

Traveling is education.

Traveling around the world teaches you so much, not only about yourself but the world we live.

You will find yourself learning about economy, politics, geography, history, and sociology, without even asking! No one can teach you in the same way traveling does because you can get up close with the real problems the world faces. And you can do your part to make the world better.

Traveling gives you some awesome stories to tell.

Okay fine, it’s not all about that. But it kinda is too. Have you ever sat in a bar and heard someone tell the most incredible story?

You sit there in absolute awe and you wish it were your story to tell. Well, now it can be.

Just don’t turn into ‘that’ person that enjoys the sound of their own voice a little too much. Here’s a few hilarious stories to get you in the mood,

Traveling helps you to move forward.

Whether you’re having a break from school, you’re stuck in between jobs, or you’re taking a timeout from your relationship – traveling is an amazing way to put things into perspective and move forward.

This is because traveling isn’t just a way of easing yourself back into your ordinary life – it gives you a chance to reflect on it. Where did you start, where are you moving to, and where do you want to end up? Happy Travels!