What Happens To A Travel Dream Deferred? TTT #70

Travel Dream

“What happens to a dream deferred?”

I have an answer to Mr. Hughes’ poignant question.

Your ignored dreams drift off, unseen by the naked eye, and every once in a while fall onto the head of passersby.

And if the idea is lucky, that person has a fertile mind that will nurture and grow that dream until it manifests in an abundant harvest.

Tweet: Ask yourself daily: Are you nurturing your dreams or are they floating away to be harvested by someone else? via @AweInclusive“Are you nurturing your dreams or are they floating away to be harvested by someone else?”

How To Grow Your Travel Dreams

Your travel dreams will come true if you learn how to grow them.  Here’s how you start:

Stop telling yourself no.  With all the people telling you no, why add another dissenting voice? Give yourself a chance to be great!

Write your dreams.  I don’t know why this works.  Maybe it’s because moving your hands while you think of your dreams activates some sort of ancient magic spell.  Whatever the reason, this method increases the likelihood that you’ll accomplish these goals.  Science backs me up.

Do one thing each dayBig, hairy audacious dreams can seem overwhelming.  The truth is that every journey has a starting point.  Don’t push yourself into exhaustion.  Take a single, manageable step each day towards your goals and before you know it – you’ll cross the finish line.

What travel dreams are you growing?  Illustrate them using a vision board and marvel as your reality begins to resemble your imagination.  To get more tips like this straight to your inbox, join our community of seriously awesome travelers!  Sign up for the Awe Inclusive Newsletter and come back next week for Travel Tip Tuesday (TTT).  See ya then!
Photo © Jan Placek