Erase This Travel Faux Pas From Your Habits… Or Stay Home TTT #72

Erase This Travel Faux Pas From Your Habits Or Stay Home

In case other countries haven’t gotten the memo, I’d like to confirm once and for all that the United States is the sexiest, wealthiest and most popular country in the world.

We invented McDonalds, the Iphone and sliced bread.  So other countries should, in Beyonce’s words, “Bow down, B!t@hes.”

Right?  Right?

Um, wrong.

Erase This Travel Faux Pas From Your Habits

I know you love your country.  Feel free to cheer for them at the Olympics.

But when you’re traveling – drop the nationality chest pounding.

If you’re one of those people who won’t stop talking about what they’re used to and how things are done where they’re from, do everyone a favor and stay home.

Can you name at least half of the flags pictured above by memory?  If so, leave me a comment and I’ll send you a post card from Washington, DC!

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  • Cat

    Good one Mickey. It’s very hard to not take your “home” with you when you travel but keeping it close can also keep you from learning about the place you’re visiting.

    • Good point, Cat! It’s all about being open. Sharing your culture with others who are curious, while taking in as much as you can about a new place.