How I Found Happiness When I Couldn’t Travel

I, for one, haven’t cracked the code to live the travel life described in The 4-Hour Workweek.

And while this dream life eludes me, I remain happy.


Because I understand that to truly appreciate the gift of travel, I must go through times where I’m grounded.

“Whether travel, playing tennis, teaching- do something enough and it becomes a routine. And once it’s routine, it loses its wonder.” ~ Nomadic Matt

Even knowing this, my travel feet get itchy.  When you feel the wanderlust taking over, I urge you to keep C-A-L-M.

Large View of Travel Happiness


Coming up with great alternatives to actually hoping across countries relies on your creativity.  Does your city have a Chinatown?  Spend a few hours dining on Asian cuisine, browsing the wares and taking in a different language.

Become an armchair traveler and get lost in a few travel blogs.

Order sushi and cozy up for a Travel Channel marathon.  Meet with your travel tribe to discuss their travel plans and get some ideas for yourself.

Travel is the ultimate learning experience.  Technology makes it easy to learn from the seat of your chair.


I got a last minute call asking if I wanted to go to Philadelphia.

“What’s in Philly?”

“Cheese steaks.”

And so we embarked on an interesting and fun trip around Philly sampling some of the best known cheese steaks including Pats, Genos and Tony Lukes.

I love unplanned excursions and I’m ready to jump at this type of low cost fun.  I make sure people know that I love tagging along and they call when the opportunity comes up.


Don’t doubt your ability to attract amazing experiences.

There is no limit to the experiences you’re able to enjoy.  Put out good things and good things will come back to you.

Keep an open mind and create a vision board of experiences you want to attract into your life.  And when those possibilities present themselves, be ready to grab hold of them.


Display your goals in places where you’ll see them all the time.  If you keep your desires in your sight, it’ll remind you to work towards them.

Take a look at your travel journal and reminisce on your past travels.

It’s an awesome feeling when I look over my experiences and realize how full my life has been.  It does wonders to soothe my wanderlust until my next journey.

Travel grows us as human becomings.  Each trip teaches lessons to think on and apply to life.  Change is constant and if we ensure that changes are positive – life has no bounds.

Knowing that too much travel could decrease my love for travel and remembering to stay C-A-L-M are instrumental to my happiness during times I can’t travel as much as I’d like.

Happiness is a mindset.  Change your way of thinking and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

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  • I have heard it said – and agree fully – that there is almost as much happiness in planning a trip as there is in actually doing it. So even if a trip is 6 -12 months out, the research and reading beforehand can be highly pleasurable. And you’ve made some great points, especially about spontaneity.

    • Hey Leigh! Thanks for adding that point. The planning stage and excitement during the countdown phase can be just as fun as the actual trip. I can get lost in my imagination as I read guidebooks and reviews of a travel destination. It adds to the fun of traveling!