Easy Ways To Enjoy Each Travel Moment

Have you ever heard, “Live in the moment”?

I’d heard it dozens of times, but never applied it to travel, until now.  It’s easy to enjoy each moment of travel if you remember these points:

Travel in the Moment photo by bogenfreund

Embrace the Journey.  Oftentimes the destination gets all the attention, but the journey is just as exciting.  Relish in the excitement at the start of your trip, indulge in conversations with your fellow passengers, and amuse the child making faces from across the aisle.

Slow Down.  At times it’s better to throw your schedule out the window – especially when you find yourself constantly checking a watch, dragging small children, or running from museum line to museum line.  Daily life can be hectic enough, vacations should be relaxing!

Curb Expectations. It’s unfair to judge a destination through the lens of another traveler.  Visit the location with an open mind, and judge for yourself.  If you love tourist traps, that’s OK!  Don’t get the big deal about Tapas?  I won’t judge you!  Remember, your experience doesn’t have to match anyone else.

Let Your Trip Come Alive.  In the spirit of Dr. Frankenstein, give your trip a chance to take on a life of its own.  Many travel stories have the same plot with different characters.  Embrace the unknown and be on the lookout for opportunities to deviate from the plan.


It’s nice that travelers take the time to give recommendations and share activities that they find exciting, but you should attempt to, “go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Your trip should be like no other!