Travel + Journal = Priceless Souvenir

Travelers fork out chunks of their travel budget for souvenirs.

Souvenirs are the tangibles of a wonderful travel memory.  Unfortunately, most of these items are overpriced and don’t adequately capture the essence of a trip.  The trinkets pile up in our closets, collect dust on mantles and crowd the shelves of second-hand stores.

My Travel Journal


On the other hand, journaling is a priceless way to capture the essence of a trip.

Why You Should Journal Your Travels

Journaling serves as a reminder of our progress and a reason to continue growing and challenging ourselves.  We’re able to open up and see the world through the lens of a foreigner – out of place and linked only by humanity.

In traveling, more than anything else, we observe what it is to be alive.  Stripped of language and cultural understanding, we are able to experience something deeper – something that unites every person on Earth.

When you journal, you remember lessons, make connections and grow from experiences.

Getting Started is Easy as 1-2-3

1) Write daily when you won’t be disturbed.  Don’t sensor yourself.  Carrying your journal around allows you to capture events as they happen.

2)Document your feelings and any emotions that you experience.  Describe moments using all five senses: sight, touch, smell, sound and taste.

3) Include accents, like hand drawn pictures.  Add ticket stubs, receipts and other things that are unique to your location.  Keep track of the special people you meet and record their contact information.

Make this journal your own and it’s insights will reward you continuously.