Warning: Don’t Overlook These Easy Ways To Improve Your Travel Karma

“If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.” ― Kurt Cobain

Large View of Karma
What goes around, comes around.

Karma is getting back what you’ve put out.

It’s about starting a chain of good deeds that will eventually lead back to you.  The more good deeds you start today, the better your chances of having a continuous stream of goodness coming back your way.  Pay it forward is real.

Travelers, here are a few suggestions to improve your travel karma.


If you don’t need the extra room (me, standing at 5’6”), why not put some poor, cramped soul out of their misery by volunteering to give up your exit row seat?

Thank your flight attendant/cruise staff/etc in a memorable way.  Hand over a handwritten thank you card, a box of cookies or trinket acquired during your trip.  You’ll make their day, and they’ll make the day of the next person they assist.

If you want bonus points, leave some goodies with the TSA agents.  Ha!


Repeat kind gestures with those assisting you with lodging.  A heartfelt thank you never gets old.

Have an old charger lying around? Next time you stay in a hotel, leave it on the nightstand.  Some unlucky traveler will leave his charger at home.  And instead of taking the unavailability as a godsend, he’ll go to the front desk desperate for the possibility for a spare.  Your charger may be the one he’s looking for.


Look out for other travelers, especially when it comes to safety.  If you notice a traveler engaging in unsafe actions, feel free to say something.  You never know how sharing your tips and past mistakes will prevent someone from making their own.

Offer a helping hand, share a cab, tip well.

If you notice a group taking pictures of each other, offer to take the picture of the entire group.  Small things make a huge difference.

Two decades ago, What Would Jesus Do or WWJD became a popular reminder to act out of intentional goodness.  Karma depends on this sort of thinking.  No matter who you look to for moral guidance, travel karma improves as you put a forth a dedicated effort to help others.

The thing about karma is that you don’t know how your good travel karma will come back to help you.  Usually, it comes exactly when you need it most.

Do you believe in karma?  Have you ever seen it at work?


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