Travel Safety Tips for New Travelers

After booking a trip, we run to TripAdvisor and popular blogs to find information on fun things to do and places to see while we’re exploring.

There are a few important sites that many new travelers don’t check, though.

These sites that help us stay safe during our trip.

I’ve included information from some of those sites below. Following this guidance will help you avoid the pitfalls that many new travelers face.

Protect Personal Belongings and Information

Travel Safety Tips For New Travelers | Follow these tips and you'll feel more confident the next time someone tells you, "Safe travels." via @aweinclusivePhoto via Flickr by chaodoze

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we travel. They take the place of guidebooks, movies, calendars, and more things that used to fill our suitcases and put them into a single portable device.

There’s always an app to provide services and make travel experiences easier.

Before traveling, check phone plans to make sure there’s coverage in your destination. This ensures that you’ll have what you need from takeoff to touchdown.

In the same way that you wouldn’t leave your money lying around, keep your personal belongings close and secure. There are mean people waiting for you to be distracted so that they can take advantage of you. Make it hard for these people to ruin your trip by keeping cash stashed in a zipper pocket. You can also store credit cards and passports in special sleeves to prevent identity theft by scanners.

Get Additional Protection

Sign up for additional protection against all types of “what if” situations while you’re traveling. Companies like MedjetAssist can arrange air medical transport¬†back to your home hospital if you’ve been hospitalized while traveling. This protection isn’t only for you. It also gives your family peace of mind while you’re exploring the world.

Depending on your destination, you might be required to take a vaccine. Consult with your physician on the best time to take these vaccines so that they will be effective when you travel. Also, check your prescriptions to make sure you have enough to last during your entire trip.

Learn Your Surroundings

A great way to start any trip is to walk around your temporary home and get a better understanding of your neighborhood. A few places to pinpoint before or soon after checking into lodging include your local embassy, a hospital, and a pharmacy.

Another great way to see the local area is to take public transportation. Buses cover lots of ground and make frequent stops allowing travelers the opportunity to get an inexpensive tour of what the city has to offer.

Review Local Laws and Customs

Culture varies greatly across country lines. Research to find out what is or is not appropriate in other countries.

Did you know that in Dubai it’s frowned upon for unmarried couples to room together? In Thailand, you’ll find a strict dress code to enter some of the most popular sites. Doing this homework in advance will save headache later on.

Also, check expiration dates on passports and other identification. You should check passports well in advance to make sure that you have plenty of time to renew if the passport will expire within the months before your trip.

Follow the tips above, and you’ll feel more confident the next time someone tells you, “Safe travels.”

Travel Safety Tips For New Travelers | Follow these tips and you'll feel more confident the next time someone tells you, "Safe travels." via @aweinclusive