The Best Travel Snack Ever

I’m hesitant to share this because I don’t want to visit the grocery store and find the shelves bare of my favorite travel snack.  I already compete with people whose sole mission in life is to eat and sleep.

My favorite travel snack is mashed fruit and/or vegetable blends.  The rest of the world calls it baby food.

And I refuse to let the babies enjoy sole ownership over it any more.

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Baby Food Beats Other Snacks

I traveled to seven states starting and putting out fires as a wildland firefighter.

Besides staying alive, the hardest thing to do on the fire line was eat healthy.  We worked 12-16 hour days, covering miles of ground, and barely pausing to eat.

That pause isn’t always a sit down, wash your hands, and pull out a table cloth type of meal.  Sometimes, it’s a grab a snack, wipe your dirty hands on your dirty pants and eat while the fire dies down type of meal.

I went through so many options trying to find an easy to eat, no mess, healthy food that would survive being carried around in a full backpack for days.   Fruit and veggies were my first option, but they would get mashed or go bad.

Then, I noticed another firefighter eating baby food out of the jar. 

I was grossed out.

But, the baby food was 100% carrots and I wondered how bad would it taste.  So on the next grocery store run, I marched into the baby food aisle.  Next to the jars were pouches, which eliminated the need for a spoon.

I grabbed a few different fruit blends and tried them the next day.  The rest is history!

Tweet: If baby food is good enough for fire fighters, it’s good enough for leisure travelers. ~ @AweInclusive If baby food is good enough for fire fighters, it’s good enough for leisure travelers.


Why Baby Food Makes The Best Travel Snack


Three.  That was the number of ingredients inside of my blueberry and banana snack.  Those ingredients are bananas, blueberries and water.

And isn’t that how a snack should be?

Why scour shelves, read labels and compare calories when baby food is a perfect option?

There is no added color, no added sugar, no added anything.

Just the fruit I wanted when I selected the pouch with the picture of the bananas and blueberries. Baby food is everything you want, and nothing you don’t want.

Disclaimer: My fav brands are Plum and Sprout.  I won’t vouch for the others.

I don’t want to worry about eating right when I’m traveling.  I want to indulge and eat what I want.  Having these food pouches is an easy way for me to feel better about my diet by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat.


I get giddy when I walk into the baby food aisle with rows and rows of options to choose from.

It’s crazy how many fruits and vegetables and grains they can cram into one pouch.  How about a banana, oatmeal, sweet potato, squash blend?  Yes, thank you!

Health experts say that having a balanced diet includes having meals that include plenty of different colors.

You won’t have to worry about balance when you’re eating baby food.  They do the balancing for you!


If you’re hungry, check my backpack.

These little pouches are durable and easy to transport.  They won’t get mashed, they won’t melt, they won’t crumble into a thousand pieces.

There is no need for special handling.  And they won’t alarm TSA.

If you’re busy exploring and don’t have time to stop or you’re in a touristy area and everything costs your first born, you’ll have a backup.

Plus, baby food is excellent portion and calorie control when you consider diet.

They are the perfect snack.


I feel bad for babies in my area when the baby food goes on sale for a dollar.  I buy boxes at a time.

I imagine it’s the same feeling people got on the Oprah show when she gave away the free cars.

I could float.

Even when they aren’t on sale, the pouches are about $1.45 each – a good price for any snack.

Alright travelers don’t run out at once and clear the shelves of all the baby food.

I suggest getting enough for your trip before you go out of town.  I had a hard time finding my favs in other countries.  Which was a total travel bummer.

So what do you think?  Are you going to give my fav snack  a try on your next adventure?

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I rediscovered my love for baby food because I wasn’t afraid to try something new.  Humans are creatures of habit, so the best way to shake things up is to let someone else pick a meal for you.  Next time you’re in a restaurant, ask the waiter for their recommendation.  It may turn into your favorite dish!  Until then, may I recommend a copy of my Awe Inclusive Travel Planning Guide?  Get your copy by signing up here.
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