Get Lost On Purpose TTT #26

Large View of Awe Inclusive Travel Tip: Get Lost

Literally.  Not figuratively!

My Adventure Hall of Fame is full of stories starting with me getting lost in some narrow cobblestone alleyway or missing my turn on a scenic highway.

If you have the courage to let yourself get lost during your trip, you may find hidden treasures not located on any map.


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  • Sharee Washington

    Every time my sis and I go to NYC we get “lost” in the subway system. It’s not that we don’t know how to get around, but with frequent changes to the rail system and closed connections, we’ve had some close calls. Especially trying to get to the airport on time. On our trip last Fall to Florence, Italy we got lost locating a hair salon. Every turn down the cobble streets looked the same. At one point, we were like you go one way and I go another and text/call if you find it. HA!! At the time we didn’t appreciate getting lost but now we look forward to it bc of the sense of newness and discovery. We have a trip back to NYC Labor Day wknd. Packing a lot of patience and looking forward to some fun adventure I’m sure we’ll have. We’ll definitely be on the look out for juice bars our newest crave!!

    • Juice bars! I’m going crazy over protein smoothies. On a recent trip, I walked for blocks past every type of breakfast food you could imagine in search of a juice bar. LOL!

      You’re so right about packing tons of patience. Getting lost can push us far out of our comfort zone. Luckily, the more you do it, the more you learn make out of the situation! And adventure follows!

      I can’t wait to hear your recommendations for new juice bars! Yum!

      • Sharee Washington

        Will do. I went to a Juice Bar in Brooklyn a few wks ago during a recent visit. It’s called Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cafe in downtown Brooklyn. I want to try a few in Manhattan next visit. Juicing is my morning ritual. Even bought a Nutribullet.