How to Create a Travel Vision Board

A travel vision board is a visual reminder of your travel dreams – full of inspiring pictures and words of encouragement.

The Law Of Attraction

Have you heard of the law of attraction?  It says that you can attract whatever you focus on and believe.  It sounds like hocus pocus, but it’s not.

The law of attraction pushes people to consistently think on their desires. 

With constant meditation, a person’s actions begin to reflect their goals.  Action is necessary to accomplish what you want.  While vision boards work to provide a focus and constant reminder of our dreams, action propels us to the next level.

I love how vision boards start as a blank slate and transform into a visual of your inner desires.  It’s an epic mind dump of your art that eventually becomes reality.

Create A Travel Vision Board

To start, you need a blank slate of any size.  Next, you’ll need art supplies including: scissors, glue.  Markers, glitter and spray paint are optional.  Lastly, gather all the magazines, newspapers and reading material that you don’t mind tearing apart.

Then start cutting and pasting.

Use your imagination.  You can use whole words and phrases, or get the cool pieced together look by creating your words letter by letter.

Don’t limit yourself to words, use pictures to create sentences or illustrate your thoughts.

Post your vision board in a place where you’ll see it everyday.

Want even more fun?  Invite your friends over and have a travel vision board party.  The process is much better with loved ones.  Here’s a few pictures of my board:

I hope you’ll share your completed vision boards with me.  Who doesn’t love an endless supply of travel inspiration?