An Alternative to Hotels and Hostels: My Airbnb Review

After a month of checking hotel prices, flirting with Priceline bids and trying my luck with Craigslist, the Tribe reminded me of Airbnb.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Airbnb is a community of people who rent living space to travelersThe spaces for rent featured on Airbnb span the globe, and include rooms to villas.

In New York, I reserved a two-level apartment in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The stay couldn’t have been better.  The apartment was comfortable, the neighborhood was centrally located and my travel mates were pleased with the accommodations.


Airbnb Website Features

Ease of Use: Airbnb has an easy, searchable layout.  Search results show basic accommodation details, pictures of the location, and customer ratings/reviews.

An interactive map allows users to pinpoint rental locations in proximity to cities and attractions of their interests.

Search Options: Airbnb allows travelers to narrow search options by room type, price, amenities, or keyword.

Customer Reviews and Pictures: Customer reviews are a great way to get a firsthand account of your location.  In case you’re curious – here’s the apartment I rented.  My review is there too!

Airbnb also has a nice feature that allows the renter to rate you after the stay.  It helps other renters feel more comfortable allowing you to stay in their homes.

Secure Payments: Airbnb is the payment middle man.  Secure fund exchange sets this site above the scam-ridden Craigslist.

What Sets Airbnb Apart

It Feels Like Home: You’re not cramped into some cookie cutter hotel room.  The locations feel like they are lived in, not just somewhere to sleep.

It was great walking into the apartment in New York and having everything you needed to cook dinner.  The grocery store was a block away and we were able to save tons of money by cooking once or twice each day.

Customer Reviews: Other travelers are able to leave informative reviews and rank a location.  These reviews were helpful when I decided which apartment to rent.

It can be a hassle handing money over to people you’ve never met for a place you’ve never visited.  The Airbnb reviews put my fears to rest.  Over travelers gave this renter stellar comments and I felt good about my decision.

Something for Everyone: The various lodging arrangements provide rooms for any vacation option imaginable.  This site has opened my mind to numerous vacation possibilities.

Want to stay in a tree house in Costa Rica or a cozy villa in Italy?  You’ll find those types of places and more on Airbnb.  It’s a site to explore the fun and unique lodging options available across the world.

Direct Contact With the Host: The host was always available and responsive.  I had assistance from someone who was familiar with the area in the event that I needed it.

Great Prices: I was able to snag an entire apartment for the same price as a fancy hotel room.  Plus, you’re getting much more than a place to sleep.  You’re able to immerse yourself in local culture by living in residential areas and enjoying the city like a resident would.

For someone who enjoys exploring, this is a super bonus!

I’ve already scoped out some new locations for a future trip that I’m going to take.  Can you tell that I’m hooked?!

Why Airbnb Rocks | Airbnb is a platform allowing travelers to rent lodging from other people across the globe. I tried it for a trip to New York. Here's my airbnb review. via @AweInclusive

Have you tried Airbnb?  What do you think of it?