How I Started Traveling More When I Stopped Trying So Hard | TTT #81

Traveling More

I still get nervous when people ask me how I am able to travel so much.

I stumble over words and hesitate and jumble stories.

Being introverted doesn’t help.

But, ultimately the reason that I can’t seem to share my secrets is that they’re so simple, I’m afraid others won’t believe me!

I wish I had a secret trick to traveling more often, but there’s nothing magical about it. I mostly focused on getting more traveling friends and putting money aside for fare glitches.

And those are easy steps that anyone can start doing right now!

This year, I’ve added another step that has led to massive increases in how often I’m able to travel.

Letting Fate Do My Travel Planning

I started letting fate choose the places I visit.

In fact, I haven’t picked a single travel destination for myself this year. Either I was invited on amazing trips or received a tip-off about an unbelievable fare deal.

California, Kenya, Tennessee, New York, United Arab Emirates, Montana, South Dakota, Kentucky, Belize, Las Vegas – all are this year’s journeys that the Universe chose for me.

The opportunities come in so often I’ve had to turn down quite a few.

I consider myself unbelievably lucky and that’s why I want to share this simple, travel method with others.

Stop trying so hard!

I didn’t choose my trip locations and have been perfectly content with going where the wind blows me. I’ve visited places I’d never considered and met amazing people along the way.

A Bit of Travel Luck Goes Far

Remember that saying: luck equals preparation plus opportunity? It’s so true!

FirstMake some extra money and save it for time-sensitive travel opportunities.

I don’t have loads of money sitting in a bank account, but if I need an extra $300 to snag a super fantastic flight, I can scrap it up. I’ve found travel-related ways to get a few extra coins – this blog is one of them – and it’s paid off in a huge way.

Figure out how to start another income stream or just save more of the money you already make so that you’ll be ready to take advantage of good deals or unique travel invitations. 

Second: Create opportunity by making sure you’re getting unique travel deals as quickly as possible. You can sign up for alerts from The Flight Deal or join The Nomadness Travel Tribe. These spectacular prices don’t last long, so the faster you see them, the better your chance of getting in on the deal.

I purchased round-trip flights to Nairobi and Abu Dhabi for less than $250 each. I was tipped off to this fare deal through the “phone tree” created by my world traveling friends.

Friends found group deals to Belize and Las Vegas and they asked me to join. I was able to secure a spot using funds I’d set aside for travel.

Third: Let fate work its magic.

And that’s it. I haven’t had to make huge life changes or sell a kidney to have the travel life of my dreams. Instead, I created my own luck and kept my passport ready.

And the Universe did not disappoint.

One of the most rewarding parts about traveling more often is sharing those adventures with you and even helping you achieve your travel dreams. If something works well for you, pay it forward to your friends. What you’ll find is that the more you give, the more you receive.

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Photo by martinak15 via Flickr