Why Virginia Beach Is The Perfect Family Fun Destination

When’s the last time you spent your vacation on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront?

Large View of Virginia Beach
Sand + Toes = A Dream

If it’s been a few years, you’ll be pleased with the changes.  If you’ve never taken a vacation on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, you’re in for a treat.

Every beach has its own culture and atmosphere.  Virginia Beach is unique because it retains a small town feel even in a major city.  The Oceanfront is a largely residential area, with the locals enjoying the oceanfront just as much as tourists.

I spent my youth in Virginia Beach and never realized how much I loved the beach until I moved away.  It holds tons of memories like learning to surf on Senior Skip Day, getting my belly button pierced and playing with hermit crabs.

I remember countless summer weekends wearing out my soles on the pavement and yet, it took me moving four hours away before I craved the feel of sand in my toes and the sun on my face.

With its variety of entertainment and activities, it’s no surprise that the oceanfront attracts such a diverse group of people.

Where To Stay

Lodging options include quirky beach houses to cozy hotel rooms.  There are miles of options right on the sand, so you’ll never be more than a few steps away from the beach.

Which option you choose depends largely on the type of experience you want.  If you enjoy the lively crowd atmosphere, opt for hotels near 21st street.  This location is central to the excitement.

If you’re interested in quiet and relatively empty beaches, you’ll need to get a place to the far left or right of 21st street.  This area is land of the beach house.  You’ll be amazed at the difference.

As someone who’s spent the last few years with an amazing transit system, it pains me to say that you’ll need a car while traveling in Virginia Beach.  Fortunately, the public transportation system is getting better and I expect the need for a rental to decrease in the near future.

 What To Do

A few carnival rides are accentuated with plenty of shops for ice cream and taffy.  Plus you’ll find stores with fun, Virginia Beach themed souvenirs and gifts.

The attractions on the Oceanfront include a Mirror Maze, Haunted House and Laser Tag.  During the evenings, street corners will be filled with live entertainment ranging from bands to magicians.  It’s a fun, family friendly atmosphere to visit over and over again.

Getting tired of salt water and sun burn?  The Virginia Beach Aquarium and Campgrounds are minutes away.

The Oceanfront is a scattering of mom and pop shops among restaurants and chain favorites. You’ll find your seafood favorites, as well as something quick to snack on.

Places are open late so, don’t hesitate to head out for a mid-night snack.

When To Visit

Plan your trip to Virginia Beach around your interests.

Search the calendar of events and you’ll find art shows, concerts, and sports tournaments scheduled to take place along the boardwalk.  During the winter Holiday, you can expect to see elaborate Christmas light displays. During summer Holidays, gear up for fireworks.

The beach is there year-round, but the tourists aren’t.  For the best oceanfront deals, wait until October to visit.  Prices will remain low until April.  Many attractions remain open year-round, and there will be much shorter lines!

 See ya on the beach!