The Dos And Don’ts of a Trip to Abu Dhabi

The Dos And Don'ts of a Trip to Abu Dhabi | The time to visit Abu Dhabi is now. Here are useful pointers and activities to consider as you plan your dream trip for this bucket list city. via @aweinclusive #Travel #AbuDhabi #UAE

If Abu Dhabi is on your wish list, the time to visit is now.

This ever-modernizing cultural hub offers travelers an exciting taste of old and new Arabia. Here are useful pointers and activities to consider as you plan your dream trip.

What Makes Abu Dhabi Special?

Abu Dhabi is a contemporary city with a traditional heart. This means that people practice traditional Muslim customs. Keep this in mind during your trip to adjust some of your normal behaviors.

For example, unmarried couples traveling together should know that public displays of affection are frowned upon. Also, don’t use boyfriend or girlfriend titles to avoid lodging issues.

Tourists can’t buy alcoholic beverages from stores, but you can grab a few bottles from duty-free before leaving the airport. You can also drink inside local restaurants and bars.

What Should I Pack?

Plan to wear clothing that respects local tradition.

Don’t pack transparent or revealing clothing. Leave clothing with offensive slogans or pictures at home. Offensive tattoos should also be covered.

If you’re unsure, covering your shoulders and knees will pass the decency test in most places. In mosques, the dress code is even more conservative. Wearing swimwear at beaches, water parks, and pools is okay.

Pack doctor’s notes for your prescription medications.

Be sure your note says how long you’re traveling, your illness, and the medications. Also, don’t forget your converter so you never go without power to your cell phone or laptop.

It’s necessary to know what you can’t do to have the best trip possible. Now, here are the awesome things you can do!

What Can I Do?

Always create itineraries based on your passions and interests, not those of others. With that in mind, here is a list of popular attractions to get you started with your to-do list.

Desert Safari

Spend the day like a Bedouin, traversing sand dunes, riding camels, and enjoying shisha at sunset. This safari also offers henna tattoos and belly dancing. It’s a desert safari deal to do all the touristy things at once!

Visit Souks

Be ready to barter if you visit the souks of Abu Dhabi. With wares from gold and spices to carpets, you’re sure to find a deal if you know how to haggle your way to a great price.

Grand Mosque

Everything about the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is beautiful, and you’ll want to get a closer look. Arrive early for a free audio tour that details the history of the mosque and offers an introduction to Islam.

Side Trip To Dubai

From the Abu Dhabi airport, you can take a shuttle to Dubai in under two hours. It’s worth it to see two cities in one trip. Plus, you don’t want to miss huge attractions like the world’s largest aquarium and the world’s largest gardens!

Abu Dhabi is the perfect city to cross off your bucket list this year.

Go ahead and open a new tab to search for Abu Dhabi flights and hotels now. Travel deals wait for no one!

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