Visit Canada: The Maple Leaf’s Best Hidden Gems

Canada is one of the countries that frequently tops the best places to live, the best places to vacation and the best places to see.

It seems to have it all, from oceans to mountains, cities to wild plains. It is a place of impeccable – and almost unbelievable – splendor from coast to coast.

There’s almost no need to go anywhere else because of the vast treasure trove of magic here.

But, as with anywhere that constantly tops travel posts, it can be hard avoiding tourist traps and hotspots. Finding something special that no one else has seen or heard of is just as difficult.

You’re in luck! Below is a list of Canada’s most incredible hidden gems to explore, at least before word gets out.

Visit Canada: The Maple Leaf's Best Hidden Gems | Canada seems to have it all, from oceans to mountains, cities to wild plains. Check out these incredible hidden gems, at least before word gets out. via @aweinclusive

Advocate Harbour

Found in Nova Scotia, jutting out into the world’s most unstoppable and awesome tidal range, Advocate Harbour is a tiny little community that many people have missed simply because they blinked at the wrong second.

In terms of wonders, Advocate Harbour is up there with the best of them.

Kayaking around the Nova Shores, past the gnarly rock spindles, through tight arches and around what the locals call the Three Sisters, before enjoying the hidden sandy beaches is something else entirely, and something that not many have ever done.

Les Laurentides

Considered one of the best-kept secrets of Montreal residents, you’ll find the endless spectacle of Les Laurentides an hour from the city.

Rolling mountains, azure-blue lakes, snaking rivers and small towns dot the hillsides. It is a natural paradise.

Of course, having a nice base from which to explore is all-important, and that’s where the Tremblant Hotel comes in. It is unrivaled luxury found in the heart of unrivaled splendor. The people of Montreal flee to these far-reaching vistas for skiing, hiking and just putting their feet up.


Often, seeking out hidden gems means getting far away from everything. Matakan, found on Lake Kempt, is no different.

It is the wilderness as the natives know and love it.

Only reachable by kayak or boat, teepee-lined islands offer adventures in the heartbeat of nature. It is cultural tourism at its very best, its rawest form.

Expect gorgeous forests with mesmerizing glades; campfires and canoeing, and moonlit skies. It is, in every sense of the word, one of Canada’s most secret gems, and we hope it kind of stays that way.


Though small, Churchill isn’t a secret. People flock there in huge numbers every winter because it’s the polar bear capital of the world.

But what makes it a secret of sorts is when you visit in July or August to see the other forms of wildlife – the birds, the bears and the belugas.

What’s more, you don’t need to be an intrepid explorer to see these wonders. A pair of hiking boots and a nice fleece will do the trick. It is impossibly beautiful, though. Truly, it is.

You won’t regret adding these destinations to your bucket list. Which will you visit first?