Five Mindset Shifts You Must Make To Visit Every Country In The World

A ginormous number of people don’t travel.

It’s not that they can’t travel.

Instead, they are held back by their own beliefs. These limiting thoughts about the world and themselves prevent others from chasing their dreams.

Thankfully, their negative beliefs aren’t true.

The shift from a restrictive mindset to an empowering mindset is possible if you’re ready to upgrade your travel life. The result is a renewed sense of power and a ton of passport stamps.

Here are five limiting beliefs that keep you from traveling and how to get rid of them.

You Don’t Believe It’s Possible

I would passionately argue that the passport is the best thing since sliced bread. And while we know how useful sliced bread is (what is childhood without PB&J), it wasn’t always obvious.

In fact, when sliced bread was first introduced, no one cared. They couldn’t see the benefit.

It took the right person, saying the right things to demonstrate the endless possibilities offered by bread slices. People needed to experience the greatness of this innovation before embracing it with open arms. The results have been delicious!

Some people understand the benefits of traveling without the hard sell.

They’ve developed a case of wanderlust that pushes them across the world, with pauses just long enough to inspire us on social media. Their jaw-dropping photos and unbelievable tales have taken travel to the next level.

Other people need convincing. Many don’t know what’s out there and aren’t motivated to find out. Some don’t believe they could ever be the person taking a safari selfie in Kenya.

Five Mindset Shifts That Must Happen For You To Visit Every Country In The World | Here are the five limiting beliefs that keep most people from traveling the world and how to get rid of them. You're this close to living your dream life. via @aweinclusive

The key to getting everything you want is knowing without a doubt it can happen.

Conquering your bucket list is possible. So is visiting every country in the world. You must reprogram your mindset to believe you can do it.

How To Be Invincible:

The first twenty minutes of your day is paramount.

First, you woke up which means you’re able to keep moving towards your dreams.

Second, your brain is most receptive to anything you see or hear. Don’t start the day listening to news full of murder and mayhem. Listen to motivational videos created by people who have achieved greatness.

Quote positive affirmations that reinforce your desires and repeat them often. Until they become a reality.

You Can’t Afford To Travel

Just because you don’t have an extra thousand dollars lying around doesn’t mean you can’t afford to travel. In fact, you can’t afford not to.

A rumor is going around that travel is expensive.

From resort stays on private islands to exclusive treks through Antarctica, travel can be costly. But travel can also be surprisingly affordable. Even for average Joes like us.

Wanna take a yacht out for the day like the Carters?

Get a bunch of friends together and make it happen. Don’t have a bunch of friends who’d be down for this?

Join the right travel group and you’ll see an endless stream of these opportunities. In fact, I joined people from my travel group when they reserved a yacht in Dubai and the experience was unlike anything I’d ever imagined.

Splitting the costs with others is an easy way to lower travel costs.

Another way? Get intimately familiar with travel deal sites, rewards sites, and travel hacks. The more tricks you have in your arsenal the more chances for you to create magic to erase your travel bills.

No matter how amazing you are at reading maps, interpreting smoke signals, and following the North Star, you won’t reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going.

How to Create a Legitimate Goal:

First things first: how much does your dream trip cost?

You wouldn’t believe how many people I run into who have no idea how much it really costs to travel. They assume that it’s out of their reach.

Truthfully, no trip is out of your reach. But if you don’t know the destination, you never know when you arrive.

Tally up the costs of your bucket list vacation, write it down (preferably on a picture of the destination), and hang it on the fridge.

This is a major step to accomplish any goal. By having a constant visual, you’re reminded to make decisions that take you closer to your dreams. (For 29 more steps to reaching your travel goals, you can grab my Newbie Traveler Guide!)

Once you have planned a logical path towards your goal, it can move from dream to reality.

You Aren’t Supposed to Go There

From our parents to our teachers to our bosses, our life is full of man-made boundaries. Borders that dictate our every move.

Isn’t it interesting how even when these people no longer make our rules we continue to create these boundaries for ourselves?

We still color within the lines, eat vegetables before dessert, and make up our beds.

And if someone dares to go outside of these rules, we cluck our tongues in disapproval, wondering which wolf pack they grew up in.

Truth is, the rule breakers have tapped into something that everyone else missed. They know a secret about living freely that others can learn from.

Rule breakers are fearless.

They realize that there’s no punishment for living out of bounds. In fact, the best experiences happen just beyond the borders.

So get comfortable with crossing borders – internal and external.

You’ll face hundreds of borders when traveling. More made-up designations telling us who belongs and who doesn’t. Ignore these boundaries as much as you can.

I’m not saying ignore laws (I don’t have bail money for all of you); I’m saying ignore the meaning of the borders. Ignore the implication that you don’t belong there.

Borders come and borders go.

In fact, some experts are expecting a host of new countries for us to visit in the near future. It’s a traveler’s dream!

How to Cross Borders As They Come:

Connect with people from other countries and learn their stories with an open mind. Understand that the exchange goes both ways as stereotypes are broken and bridges are built between you both.

We all own this earth equally and have a right to explore it.

Five Mindset Shifts That Must Happen For You To Visit Every Country In The World | Here are the five limiting beliefs that keep most people from traveling the world and how to get rid of them. You're this close to living your dream life. via @aweinclusive

Embrace this world as your own with a genuine curiosity for the hidden gems and surprises awaiting you. And know our shared experience as human beings binds us more than any other label.

It’s Too Dangerous

I believe most people are good. And despite what the media shows, the actions of a small group don’t depict the feelings of an entire country.

I consider the decisions America’s leadership has made throughout history. Some atrocities, like dropping an atomic bomb in the middle of a populous city, were so vile it turns my stomach.

Consider the average person in 1945.

How involved were they in making the backroom decision to decimate a city of over 80,000 people?

And yet, when we think about the destruction by the hands of other political and religious organizations, we forget that these decisions are made by the few.

A country is its citizens.

These people are hard-working. They love their families and enjoy a good joke. They worry about keeping a roof over their heads and providing for their children. Not unlike you.

These are the people you meet while traveling. They’ll help you find a museum, or choose a restaurant, or hail a taxi.

They are the same kind of people the Japanese from Hiroshima meet when traveling to America. People like us.

How to Get Up Close and Personal:

Whenever I hear news reporters talking about the safety of other countries, I wish that their passports could be displayed publicly. I’d bet the majority have never been to the countries they talk about so expertly.

Ignore them.

Do your own research, especially on countries that the local media deems undesirable to visit. Study the history, explore the culture, learn from the people who live there.

SPOILER: You’ll find that we have a lot of thoughts about each other that are incomplete, immature, and/or incorrect. It’s only with immersion that you challenge yourself enough to gain better insight and understanding.

You Don’t Have the Time

Since you’ve started this article, 600 people have died.

I’m glad you’re still with us.

For the others, I’m sure they still had emails in their inbox, gas in their gas tanks, and money in their bank accounts.

They had things they’d planned to do today, tomorrow, next month. Things they hadn’t made time for.

Because they were waiting for the perfect moment.

Or until their friend had the money. Or until the kids were older. Or until they retired.

So many people waiting while their clock ticks away. And for no good reason.

I have a horde of traveling friends and I’ve seen that travel can take place at any point in your life and under any circumstance. The key is a determination to travel.

Get through as much of your bucket list as possible before you kick the bucket.

Time isn’t waiting for you or anyone else. Seize the day!

How to Start Planning Your Trip:

For those who are hungry for travel, whose dreams are filled with exotic destinations, the time to plan your trip is now.

Forget about anyone tagging along.

Don’t you dare think about what you’ll miss back here. Start the process and don’t stop.

Research the destination, save for the ticket, buy it and fill your itinerary with unbelievable activities.

Fuck fear. Just get used to saying it now.

Because as soon as your dreams start becoming a reality, fear will rear its ugly head. And you’ll need to push through.

It’ll be your final test before you live the life you’ve always wanted.

You’ll pass with flying colors because you knew the fear was coming and you prepared for it.

It’s as simple as that.

Keep working towards your dreams, relentlessly, and you’ll achieve them. Each and every one.

It isn’t hard to erase negative beliefs. It just takes brain power and elbow grease.

You have these in unlimited supply. Put them to good use.

And change your life for the better.

What will you start now to elevate your travel life? Hold yourself accountable by letting us know in the comments below.

Five Mindset Shifts That Must Happen For You To Visit Every Country In The World | Here are the five limiting beliefs that keep most people from traveling the world and how to get rid of them. You're this close to living your dream life. via @aweinclusive