What Is A Bucket List and How Can It Improve My Travel Life?

A bucket list is a personal wish list of all the fascinating things you want to do before you kick the bucket – an English term meaning “die”.

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A Bucket List Is S.M.A.R.T

A bucket list helps people create S.M.A.R.T. travel goals without even trying.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.  You’ll have the best chance at completing items on your bucket list if you use these tips.


Goals should be specific.  Your goal to “travel to Europe” is more fun when you add details.  Travel Europe with whom?  And to do what?  Make your vision colorful and you’ll have more motivation to see it through.

How about:

  • Find a four leafed clover in Ireland,
  • Take a sushi making class in Japan or
  • Have a glass of wine while floating in a hot air balloon?

Have fun and be as creative as you want.


A measurable goal has enough detail that you know when you can scratch it off your bucket list.

If your bucket list item is to go to France and learn French – define when your goal is accomplished.  Do you want to know conversational French, or is your dream to become fluent?

Set targets to stay on track.


This rule says your goal has to be realistic.  Break this rule.

If you want to travel the world to find the lost city of Atlantis, add it to your bucket list.  Have hopes of discovering  a new species of frog in the Amazon Rainforest?  Put it down.

The bucket list is YOUR dream list.  It can be as serious or whimsical as you want.


Be sure to add the things you love to your bucket list.

Why not visit the Monkey Sanctuary in the United Kingdom if you think monkeys are the best animal ever?  The items on your bucket list should be special to you.

It’s easy to make things on your bucket list relevant because any new experience is relevant to the ingredients of life.  Keep adding seasonings and you’ll end up with something yummy and fulfilling.


Your bucket list has the goal of being completed before you kick the bucket.

The problem with bucket lists is that while you cross things off your list, you also add new interests.  As it changes, you’re challenging yourself to strive for huge goals and amass wonderful accomplishments.

The true brilliance of the bucket list is that it should never be completed.  The moment you stop pushing for dreams, is the moment you stop living.  It’s when you really die.

Options are endless.  Infuse yourself in your bucket list, immerse yourself in the world.  And while pop stars have made the phrase cheesy, you only live once.  Enjoy it to the fullest.

What’s next on your bucket list?

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  • Hey Morgan! Those locations are fun, a tad mysterious and accessible. It’s great to see such a wide variety of places represented. The world is a diverse and amazing place!

    Thanks for sharing the list. I have a few of those places on my bucket list too!

  • I love that you say to break the attainable rule! Awesome. I like to have a mix of attainable and reach items on my bucket list – a few pie in the sky dream items. I crossed a lot off of my bucket list last year, and will probably create a new list this year… my dream of cycling around Australia will still be there! Some day, I hope to find the way to do it! Til then, I will keep dreaming, living the bucket list and living my dreams! Happy bucket listing.

    • Cycling around Australia sounds very exciting! I’m glad that you’re progressing so nicely through your list. Isn’t it a great feeling?!

      Dreaming is the way that I push myself to reach high. I also find that the more I tell others about my dream, the more I actually take steps to make sure it happens!