How To Sneak Rum Runners On A Cruise

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest — Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”

How To Sneak Rum Runners On A Cruise

When you’re sober, a cruise is a prison sentence on a floating log – filled with strangers and C-rate entertainment.

After a few colorful, umbrella-topped drinks, the cruise becomes a floating oasis of beautiful, funny people with marvelous entertainment and delicious food.  Unfortunately, continual consumption of these magic drinks will empty a travel savings account!

The goodie two-shoes budget for booze or avoid their bank statements until they’re back to their real lives.  The misbehaved kids are a little more inventive.

What Is A Rum Runner Flask

Rum runner flasks are plastic bags with tops that aren’t detectable by the cruise security scanners.  They are easy to use and durable enough to reuse.

Tips To Smuggle Run Runner Flasks

In any case, here are a few tips to avoid getting caught:

1 | Be Creative When Hiding Your Flasks

Hide your flasks in different sections of your luggage.  Try putting a few in your shoes or inside of socks.  Throw a few smaller bags in with your toiletries.  By disguising your rum runners among different items, they will have a greater chance of getting through a manual inspection.

Even if they discover some of your rum runners, hiding them in different sections gives you a better chance that others won’t be found.

2 | Keep Sharp Items Away

The only thing worse than security taking your rum runners is you poking a hole in them while traveling.  The plastic is durable, but it won’t withstand a hard poke from a fingernail file or a wire clothes hanger.

Remember: sharp items and booze don’t go together – before or after ingestion!

3 | Refill Rum Runners At Port

Rum runners come in various sizes and the smaller sizes are perfect for sneaking liquor on the cruise during port stops.  Use the first cruise stop to become familiar with the way security checks you when you reboard the ship.

Once you know this, you’ll have a better idea of where to hide the rum runners.

4 | Keep Room Attendants Happy

Be extra nice to the person who cleans your room and keep a few dollar bills around.

A little hush money will satisfy any room attendants that come across your rum runners.

If you are caught by cruise security during scanning, they take your liquor and keep it until the last night of the cruise.  Luckily, they don’t make smugglers walk the plank!

In case your smuggling dreams fall short and you are forced to spend all your money on booze, here are some free (or almost free) things to do on your cruise!


  • Wow – some GENUINELY useful information! I think even iIcould cope with a cruise with this information 😉

    • Thanks, Robin! Glad to offer some assistance to fellow cruisers. LOL!

  • Oh my!  This is so timely.  I am headed on a Bahamas cruise next month…hehehe

    • LOL! It’s nice to know that one has an option besides spending a year’s worth blogging earnings on cruise ship drinks! 🙂 Which cruise line are you traveling with?

      • Royal Carribbean

        • You’re gonna have a ball! Eat a slice of pizza and ice cream AT MIDNIGHT for me. That’s one of my cruising pleasures!!